As the name suggests, the SOLID STOMPERS promise a hard and true sound that will course through your veins and shake the nails out of the dance-floor.

But some will ask: “What does HOT BILLY MUSIC mean? What style of music is it that they play?

The answer is very simple:
Essentially, the SOLID STOMPERS are a classic Rockabilly-Band that don’t limit themselves so tightly with the style and so also venture into Hillbilly, Western-Swing and Jump Blues with their repertoire.

Despite deep roots in authenticity, listeners will appreciate that the songs are performed in original and fresh arrangements which give them new life. The drums (Roger Zirn), together with the smooth plucking or the groovy slapping of the double bass (Michael Ehrismann) and the driving rhythm guitar (Bruno Leutwyler) provide a solid foundation on which the lead guitarist (Heinz Tobler) can really let loose on. The whole package is perfectly rounded off with the vocals of lead singer and front-man, Michael Ehrismann.